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Nijnsky, free mind
10:38 PM - Nov. 24, 2009

Why fight if we're going to be friends anyways?

Kwesta is still always be for as long as I have a free mind.

This is my diary of how I sort through what I see, dream and feel.

This is not a democracy if Kwesta stays or not. If I'm not writing on here, it will be somewhere else. America is freedom and opportunity, it doesn't matter if Kwesta exist or not through my entire lifetime. All of us talk, sort, console, organize our mind on events at hand. It all has to be through someone.

I am writing for the person in 100 years, that I exist. I am writing to China that there is freedom here and I exist. If you don't write about your own lives, on paper, or journal/diary there is no evidence that you exist. Realistically, how do we know the Mayans and Egyptians existed!? Reminiscences.

Y'all can bitch all you want now, but in one year you'll be laughing at this and wanting to show an entry or two to someone, this happened.

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